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If you hate Jar Jar do death then you're the cancer killing this fandom. lol.
Everyone else: THE PREQUELS SUCK
Me: No they don't? I mean, I am kinda annoyed at CGI everything, but the acting was just fine for me. Midichlorians are a way to make it more sci-fi, and Hayden portrayed a disturbed youth who witnessed his mother dying in his arms very well.
Everyone else: JAR JAR IS RETARDED
Me: He was aimed at children? Because... Star Wars is for both adults and children?

I hate most Star Wars fans because they hate Star Wars.

Also, make episode 7 just for kids? Have you not seen Pirates of the Carribean? John Carter? Are you smoking something?

Also, there's The Clone Wars tv cartoon. It's full of so much beautiful drama and intense action, it's like band of brothers in space! This is the kinda stuff we get when Lucas isn't doing all the writing and work!

The ONLY thing I am kinda irked about is all these here um... Expanded Universe novels I have... And games... That take place after Return of the Jedi...I love them so I hope it takes place after Fate of the Jedi. I mean, Chewbacca had one of the greatest deaths in anything.

But yes. If you're going to like something, then like it, don't freakin' hate it. Geeze guys.

I had watched a documentary my friend recommended, The People against George Lucas. It was atrocious. Literally "Star Wars fans hate Star Wars: The movie". I was disgusted. I think Lucas is an awesome guy, and I am probably the only person who sees the plot in the prequels.

Poor Jake Lloyd was ripped apart for playing Anakin Skywalker in Episode I ALL through school and he had become scarred and finds anything Star Wars too creepy. Like wtf? THE KID WAS NINE YEARS OLD. COULD YOU ACT AT NINE YEARS OLD? When I was 9 I thought it was perfect. Right now, it irked me a bit, but, ffs, he was nine, he was perfect playing a 9 year old.

I love Star Wars, I love the mythos, and see it as the biggest form of good vs evil of our age. George Lucas is a great man for bringing it to us, and I wish that people would quit hating on him for doing what he pleases with his own creation. I'm super excited for this and it pushed me to go out and grab a copy of the Shadows of the Empire novel.
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Biscuit43 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Lmao , there are fans who hate Star Wars? How does that even work? xD I love the first three the best episode 6 being my favorite, the epic battle between father and son is just too awesome (I know I lack better words). Episode two dragged on to me, but I was a kid mostly when I watched that one and my brother basically ruined the discs so I can't rewatch it :( I love the huge battles in that one though, can't remember much else. Episode three was depressing lol, he killed the poor kids :( Okay, I'm talking too much.
Luy22 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
It's sad, but people hate it. A lot. They have so much problems with this mythos that they act like it belongs to them instead of George Lucas.
Biscuit43 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn, I always thought everyone loved it. Well we fans shall hang in there and rewatch all the episodes a million times over! :)
Luy22 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
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